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Welcome To VelocityTX

VelocityTX plans a formal launch in Fall of 2017. We are already working to contribute to the entrepreneurial community but are doing so selectively while we build the formal launch. Of course our parent organization, the Texas Research and Technology Foundation, has been contributing for 30+ years to the community. VelocityTX builds on the contributions that TRTF is already making.



VelocityTX at its core is an innovation superhub where entrepreneurs, and those who are interested in startups, can access the resources they need – capital, mentors, investment opportunities, subject matter experts, specialized manufacturing, etc. Whether it is an idea, a startup, or an early stage growth company, VelocityTX is here. Whether funding your company or expansions into new markets (especially international companies coming to the USA) or an investor looking for great deal flow, VelocityTX is here.

“We believe that economic success, a better quality of life, and a safer world is possible through entrepreneurial efforts.”

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What We Do

Who We Are

Bill Cone

Bill Cone

Angel Investor & Start Up Mentor

Krista Covey, MBA

Krista Covey, MBA

VP Of Economic Development & Operations

David Fonseca

David Fonseca

VP Of Global Business Development

Jenness Gough

Jenness Gough

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Jorge Varela

Jorge Varela

Executive Vice President

Let’s Make A Difference

We are always looking for new exciting projects and collaborations.
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1422 E Grayson St., 3rd Floor
San Antonio, TX 78208