Have you validated your business idea and need help launching it?

With successful entrepreneurs and subject matter experts at your side, you can accelerate the process and avoid making costly mistakes.

Program Overview

G.A.P. provides select companies who have innovative and scalable business ideas that have been validated with the opportunity to accelerate the launch of the company. The program capitalizes on VelocityTX’s coaches who have actual experience having launched over 25 companies themselves and helped hundreds of others do the same.

Relying on their personal expertise and a network of qualified subject matter experts, the team guides you through a structured series of milestones that will test the market, develop the best company structure, align you with distribution partners, and so much more as you begin to execute on your business strategy.

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Admission Criteria


The business or business idea must have a high barrier to entry for competitors.


The business or business idea must have high growth potential.


Founder must have validation through either sales, grants, investments, or an approved program like Velocity360.


Founder must agree to attend meetings.


Founder must sign the client engagement agreement which includes a mutual non-disclosure agreement.


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Applications will open on 2019

Incentives for Program Completion

G.A.P. businesses will be invited to present to become a portfolio company through the Velocity program and/or through an investment from the TRTF/VelocityTX McDermott Fund.

Program Delivery

  • G.A.P. is a 3 month, non-cohort, rolling enrollment program.
  • Participants in G.A.P. will have 2 hours of daily programming with Coaches.
  • Participants will be required to meet with local subject matter experts and mentors.
  • Participants will be required to reach out to potential clients, stakeholders, etc.
  • Weekly Office Hours with professional services partners (attorneys, CPAs, etc.)

Additional Program Benefits

  • Use of VelocityTX facilities (conference rooms, open work space, etc.) as available.
  • Uses the proprietary VelocityTX and Wendy Kennedy's So what? Who cares? Why you?® Methodology.

Program Success Metrics

  • Success in the G.A.P. program is usually in the form of a company that launches with sales. Business failure may occur but the lessons learned on the entrepreneurial journey is often invaluable.
  • Participants in G.A.P. must complete the program within 3 months of entering the program.
  • While in the G.A.P. program a business may pivot and enter (or re-enter) the Velocity360 program to work on the idea. G.A.P. participants are allowed two such re-entry into Velocity360 at no extra cost but the re-entry and exit must still happen in the 3-month duration.
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