Want to fast-track your company into the US?
Global Accelerator Program (GAP)

GAP is a global initiative to provide top companies with a fast track into the United States. Companies are revenue positive with an investment to scale their innovative products. Currently, VelocityTX has signed agreements with strategic partners in Brazil (OBr), Chile, Colombia (Creame), and Costa Rica (Parque Tec) to identify top companies from each country to come to San Antonio, Texas.

Throughout a 90-day period, participants in GAP have two hours of daily programming with certified coaches and are required to meet with local SME and mentors. Participants are required to reach out to potential clients, stakeholders, etc.

Relying on Velocity’s team expertise on growing companies and a network of qualified subject matter experts. Through a pre-acceleration in home country G.A.P will assist you to take strategic steps that will position your company to be ready to fast track while you are in the USA. Pre-acceleration activities include but are not limited to:

● Incorporating your company in the USA
● Read & Sign Agreement
● Opening a bank account
● Immigration
● Intellectual Property
● Learning about vehicles to raise capital
● Product adaptation

Once you are in the United States you will become of the VelocityTX family and take advantage of the Innovation District Ecosystem with key leaders in the community. Additionally, a smart agenda for each day has been tailored made for your company.

Admission Criteria

Incorporate your company in the USA


Read & Sign VelocityTX Agreement


Open a bank account


Have Immigration Status Complete Before Arrival


Have Intellectual Property

Reward for Determination
Incentives for Program Completion

GAP companies can expect to either raise sales or raise investment here in the USA. We help strategize sales strategy to grow sales in the United States or provide coaching on steps to raise money in the USA.

Program Delivery
  • Daily business modules with coaches will be provided.
  • Meetings with local subject matter experts and mentors.
  • Weekly Office Hours with professionals.
Additional Benefits

Use of VelocityTX facilities (conference rooms, open work space, WiFi, printer access etc.)

Uses the proprietary VelocityTX and GrowthWheel coaching models.

Program Success Metrics - 2018
  • 300+ applicants to the Global Accelerator Program
  • 7 Companies participated in the Global Accelerator Program
  • $720,000 average funds raised
  • 21+ Jobs Created