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San Antonio is a city of healthcare and bioscience innovation, with unique capabilities found nowhere else in the U.S.  It is a unique and collaborative ecosystem where innovations such as Lasik eye surgery and the expanding heart stent were pioneered and invented.  BioConnectTX catalogues San Antonio’s unique ecosystem assets into one place.  You can check out the BioConnectTX dashboard below to view and search for military healthcare organizations, FDA manufacturers, research institutions, funding sources and much more.
Our ecosystem is constantly evolving, and we are always adding more information, so please feel free to click below to spend a couple minutes providing the most up to data information or suggest a new entry
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“Life sciences in San Antonio has grown too big and complex to rely just on person-to-person communication. Bringing all our capabilities into a centralized database would make it so much easier for like-minded researchers and collaborators to connect,” - President/COO of TRTF, Rene Dominguez.

BioConnectTX is a resource developed by VelocityTX and made possible by the strong collaborative spirit of San Antonio.  It consists of a unique data set of over 300 individually selected and curated bio assets in the San Antonio region.
Together we work with the community to enable collaboration with San Antonio’s regional experts, business leaders and innovation assets to help build and expand your business.

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