Who We Are

The VelocityTX executive team is comprised of entrepreneurs who have been cooperating for more than 20 years, helping hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses in more than 18 different industries. VelocityTX’s focus is to accelerate the process of commercializing ideas, products, services, or processes, and to guide companies entering the market in the United States. Based on the experience captured by the executive team, VelocityTX believes faithfully in protecting the best interest of the entrepreneur through entrepreneurship support organizations, whether incubators, accelerators, collaborative spaces, angel investors, among others.

What We Do

Add Value

Add value to the community by identifying and filling gaps


Act as a connector of resources in the entrepreneurial community


Increase potential by investing in Ecosystems and Companies


Our priority is the success of your business and your community

“VelocityTX is a non-profit innovation superhub that provides a continuum of entrepreneur assistance services including funding all within one organization. In addition to working with entrepreneurs and investors, VelocityTX works to build the entrepreneurial ecosystem through partners who share a common vision for making the world a better and safer place through entrepreneurial success.”

Our Team

David Clark

Director – Investment Services

David Fonseca

VP of Global Business Development

Jenness Gough

Director of Marketing and External Communications

Kaitlyn Bloch

USA Programs Assistant

Krista Covey

VP of Economic Development + Operations

Liliana Chavez

Global Programs Coordinator

Randy Harig


Rene Dominguez

President & COO

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