A Place of Innovation

VelocityTX: The Critical Connector

VelocityTX was founded with a vision to create a place where academia, industry, and the military would come together to drive medical breakthroughs and promote transformational opportunity in our region. Anchored by a mixed-use superhub, this urban innovation campus would serve as a catalyst for economic and community growth by positioning San Antonio as a global leader in bioscience innovation and military medical research.

Located just east of downtown San Antonio, the 12-acre VelocityTX superhub will be comprised of two developments: the recently completed Merchants Ice complex and the adjacent G.J. Sutton property, which will be constructed over the next 10 years. Together, these visionary projects will create a nexus for investment, collaboration, technical expertise, and community.

Upon completion, the VelocityTX campus is expected to create over 2,500 jobs with an annual economic impact of more than $1.4 billion.

Our Vision

We propel economic success, a better quality of life, and a safer world through collaboration and innovation.

Better Together

Founded on the belief that life-saving innovations can be developed faster when researchers work together across disciplines, VelocityTX facilitates vital collaboration between the public and private sectors.


Leveraging San Antonio’s strengths in R&D and commercialization, VelocityTX supports emerging innovators to promote sustainable economic development. Partnering with leading bioscience institutions in academia, industry, and the military, we accelerate job growth, economic opportunities, and foster the future of bioscience companies. Our local partners include:

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