Step Into STEM

Inspiring the Next Generation of STEM Professionals

Few fields offer the upward mobility that a career in STEM can provide. There’s just one problem: Many students are unaware of the opportunities available with a STEM education, particularly students in underserved areas. VelocityTX is changing that. Launched in 2014, our Step Into STEM program encourages students to engage in STEM through experiential learning and career modelling with STEM professionals. To date, the program has reached more than 15,000 students and family members through its off-campus workshops, Family Night events at area schools, and STEM career toolkits.

Join us as we seek to equip the next generation of STEM professionals by supporting our Step Into STEM program today!

Social Media Programming

Recognizing the need to reach students where they are, Step Into STEM is highly active on social media. Targeting platforms favored by school-age children, the program publishes regular content related to STEM topics and careers. Interested in learning more? Click through to view one of our engaging “day-in-the-life” videos featuring local STEM professionals.


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STEM Family Nights

Research indicates that if a student’s immediate community are not directly involved in STEM careers, it’s very hard for them to visualize what a career in STEM might look like. Our Family Night events help make parents aware of the opportunities available with a STEM education so that they are better equipped to encourage their students to pursue a STEM career path

Hear From Local Parents

“My child is learning about robots and doesn’t even know it! Look at how much fun she’s having!”

SAISD Parent, Ball Elementary School

STEM Workshops

Step Into STEM workshops provide hands-on learning opportunities and career exposure at the VelocityTX Innovation Center. Among the students’ favorite activities are a robotic hand construction competition, a DNA extraction exercise, and a tour of the nearby Scorpius Biomanufacturing facility. Students also get the opportunity to test drive a high-powered microscope used by the scientists at GenCure in their cutting edge stem cell research.

Career Toolkits

STEM Career Toolkits are designed to help students connect fields of study with related vocational opportunities through engaging group activities, both inside and outside the classroom. Students can explore USB microscopes, compete in building a robotic claw, and enjoy various STEM-themed games. Additionally, the toolkits include posters and displays with QR codes that link to inspirational STEM videos.

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